Events & Festivals

Please notify us of events & festivals of interest to those seeking Romanian roots, and we will post them here.



Due to Covid-19, festivals and events will be listed again once we are aware in person gatherings are taking place.

Spring Fest Picnic de Rusalii
St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church, St. Paul, MN
Jun 20, 2021

Romanian Food Festival
St. Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church
9111 River Road Potomac, MD
Mar 27-28, 2021

The ARF String Quartet in the Enescu Soirees Online
Romanian Cultural Institute
Mar 11, 2021–ONLINE


Romanian Food Festival Drive Thru
St. John The Baptist – Romanian Orthodox Church, Glendale, AZ
Nov 07-08 2020

Romanian Food Festival in Dallas
St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church, Colleyville, TX
Nov 06-08, 2020-Canceled due to Covid-19 concerns

“Through The Iron Curtain From Romania” Screening
Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans In MN
Oct 31, 2020 (see pdf pg 4 for details)

107th Anniversary Picnic
St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church, St. Paul, MN
Oct 18, 2020 (see pdf pg 4 for details)

Family Picnic
St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church, St. Paul, MN
Sep 20, 2020

Romanian Heritage Curbside Dinner
St. George Romanian Byzantine Catholic Cathedral
1123 44th, St. NE, Canton, OH
Aug 23, 2020 (order by Aug 19)

St. George Romanian Festival
St. George Romanian Orthodox Church
144 30th, St. NW, Canton, OH
Jun 06, 2020

Festival Of Nations
St. Paul River Centre, St. Paul, MN
Apr 31- May 03, 2020

Arizona Film Festival
ASU Marston Exploration Theater, AZ
Mar 20- Mar  22, 2020- Postphoned, tentatively mid-Sept