Romanian Roots newsletter for April 2013

Our quarterly newsletter, Romanian Roots, Volume 2, Number 2 was recently mailed to dues-paying members. We hope that you will find it informative and useful, and that you will consider becoming a member of RGS. Topics included Oral History Projects, Finding Record in Romanian National Archives, Book Review: Pigeon Hill: Growing Up Romanian and Mom’s Story; and Our Family Stories: Sarafolean Family of South Saint Paul, Minnesota. Please share with others who may be interested in Romanian Genealogy Society!


Romanian Genealogy Society

4 thoughts on “Romanian Roots newsletter for April 2013

  1. Marilynn Vernon

    Any chance I could get a copy, even emailed, of the April 2013 newsletter? What does annual membership cost? Thanks.

    1. Vicki Albu Post author

      Sure, I will email a copy of the newsletter. Annual dues are $20 payable to RGS, 1185 N Concord St #218, South Saint Paul, MN 55075.

  2. Frances Lerman

    I can not find the Family Roots of Joseph Stopler
    Married to Gittle Fassler. Joseph Stopler was supposed to have arrived in America Around 1913 with Sam Fassler standing for Joseph.
    I’ve found the connection with the Maternal Side but absolutly NOTHING on the name Stopler. Can this Society help me find my roots?

  3. Vicki Albu

    It’s important to find the ship passenger list. Clues to date and port of arrival will be found in naturalization records and alien registration records, if they exist. We offer classes and newsletters with research tips. Contact RGS at with specific questions and we will try to help. Also feel free to post questions on our Facebook page.


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