The “Miracle:”

The “Miracle:”
Linda Pedersen’s Story

The speaker at the May 17, 2014 meeting will be Linda Pedersen, telling the story of her 60-year search for her immigrant grandmother’s family in Romania and the “miracle” that occurred.

Linda had a personal quest, “in searching for the faith roots behind the person I point to as the embodiment of my faith compass.”

Ana Calugar from Tărtăria, Romania

Ana Calugar

Ana Calugar left her homeland in Tărtăria, Romania for America in 1913, finding her way to St. Paul, settling in a home on Galtier near Rice and Front streets. She passed away in 1977 at the age of 93.

When the house was being cleaned out after the death of Ana and later her son Peter, they found a letter from Romania that had arrived seven years earlier. “I finally received a response to a letter I had sent to Romania that held promise for finding a long lost family member,” said Linda. “In what seems like a miracle to me, I am reconnected with my Romanian family roots.”

Just over a year ago Linda visited family in Romania and learned more about how her family heritage impacted her faith formation. Linda will tell the story and show photos from her journey to the Transylvania area in Romania.

Linda grew up on Galtier, just north of Front Street, as a Damsgard, graduating from Washington High School in 1969. She was ordained as a Lutheran Pastor in 1986, with her first call being at her home church, Faith Lutheran near Dale and University. She currently serves on the Bishop’s staff in southwestern Minnesota living near Hutchinson.

Ana Calguar, four generations, Tărtăria, Romania

4 Generations, Ana Calguar, daughter Mary, granddaughter Linda and great granddaughter, Sarah Pedersen

This photo taken in 1976 involves four generations including Ana Calugar, daughter Mary, granddaughter Linda and great granddaughter Sarah.


Tărtăria, Romania
The Calugar family home in Tărtăria, Alba county.

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