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Additional tools may aid in your research. Discovering material relating to your search may lead to a better understanding and a fuller picture of your family story.


Keeping track of your information is very important. Starting out you may remember certain facts and details, however, once you start gathering more pieces of the family puzzle, it will become difficult to remember what you have found and where or if you already did a search for a certain record. There are many options available to help you keep track. Explore what works best for you. It is also helpful when asking others for help to be able to access a certain record to share instead of trying to share from memory.

Record Findings

Software programs are available for recording your data. These programs offer a variety of printable reports, forms, charts and trees. In addition, many forms are available online. There are printable blank forms and also electronically fillable forms.

  • Family Group Sheet – these forms are important for compiling family information. The forms have space to record names, dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths about the parents and children in one family. National Genealogical Society has a variety of forms.
  • Family Ancestral/Pedigree Chart – from Ancestry Enter ancestors from whom you directly descend and see several generations at a glance.
  • Research Log – available from FamilySearch is used to record what you’re looking for, where you looked, and what your results were.
  • Romanian Immigrant Ancestor Worksheet – RGS Six step worksheet to use as a guide for what records to search for to learn more about your immigrant ancestor’s life.
  • Timeline – Timelines allow you to; organize your ancestor’s life events, identify gaps and inconsistencies, view and compare two individuals with the same name, age, and birthplace who could easily be confused for each and by placing the events in chronological order, it is easier to see where more information is needed. FamilyTreeResources

Several highly used forms are available from:
American Ancestors
Family Search
Family Tree Resources
National Archives
National Genealogical Society

National Archives of Romania

National Archives of Romania


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